About Us –

We opened in November 2007 to celebrate the foods we grew up with while hunting, fishing and traveling the Gulf Coast at family get togethers. The docks of Galveston Bay are less than 35 miles from our door giving us daily access to the Gulf of Mexico, home of what we believe to be the tastiest and juiciest wild caught seafood in the world. Every delivery is hand checked to ensure that any item that goes out of our kitchen is the freshest available. Daily Specials range from wild caught Gulf favorites like Red Snapper, Ling, Mahi, Grouper, etc., to seasonal specials like crawfish, soft-shell crabs and wild caught salmon. ALL our crab, shrimp and oysters are sourced from the Gulf and we serve certified angus beef steaks that critic Alison Cook calls, "steaks that any steakhouse would be proud to serve".

Our interior boasts of dark wood paneled wainscot and booths, terracotta floors, large picture windows, acoustical ceiling tiles, zoned speakers, and a continuous play of our huge library of Blues and early Blues inspired rock creating a classic look and atmosphere that Earnest Hemingway or the Rat Pack would approve of. The walls and menus are lined with photos of' friends and family, some dating back to the 1920s. Beautiful antique maps of Texas' coastal areas and waterways hang alongside with paintings and sketches of the Gulf Coast by renowned Gulf Coast artist (Uncle Richard Fowles).

The entire restaurant seats about 200 and flows effortlessly between 2 rooms - the "Main Dining Room" and the "Oyster Bar". The Main Dining Room seats about 150 (including the stools at the main bar) and offers a little quieter and formal setting with both secluded booths and tables. The Oyster Bar (which seats about 50 including stools at its bar) provides a little more lively and casual setting. We recommend reservations for the Main Dining Room, while the Oyster Bar is first come, first served. The entire menu is available in both.

Danton's is about the entire experience of going out to dinner. We believe that when you eat a great meal, you're happy inside and it does something to you. So, we handle and cook our food with love and care. When you leave Danton's, we want you to say, "Man, I had a great experience. I really enjoyed it, and I'll be back!"